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People in west Essex will benefit from better, joined-up care thanks to a new programme which gives health and care professionals the ability to view medical records during treatment.

Health and care professionals need to access information in order to make the best decisions about a patient’s diagnosis and treatment. My Care Record will help this to happen more quickly and accurately. Before viewing the record, patients will be asked for their permission by the professional treating them. 

My Care Record information is now available from you GP surgery.

Look out for the posters, information cards and Frequently Asked Question booklets for more information or ask your GP.

We asked you what you thought about My Care Record; the process involved, the design of our awareness materials, the messages we’ve written and the information we provided in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

We spent an enjoyable afternoon discussing the process, listening to your feedback, suggestions and finding ways to improve the information we’ve provided.  We think we managed to included most of the suggestions received and we hope that the posters and information we will be producing will be easy to understand and answer all your questions.