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My Care Record allows health and care professionals directly involved in your care, access to information about you.
It is currently available for patients from west Essex and Hertfordshire attending health and care settings.

My Care Record provides you with:

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What is My Care Record?

The people caring for you need access to your health and care record in order to make the best decisions about your diagnosis and treatment. This could include GPs, hospital-based clinicians, nurses, health visitors and social workers.

In west Essex and Hertfordshire, we can improve the quality of care you receive by sharing the right information about you between our local NHS and social care organisations who are providing you with your direct care. We call this sharing of information Data Sharing and the people sharing this data your Direct Care Team who will be people you will at some point be involved directly in your care be it your GP, or the A&E team when you visit for an emergency, or the social care team looking after you in your home.

The sharing of information has always happened (to a lesser degree) with paper processes but systems are allowing us to share more relevant information about you amongst your Direct Care Team helping them to be more efficient and support theirs and your decision making on your care.



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